1、What is PermaDAO?

Permanent storage of data is of great significance to human beings.

As the Alexander Library in the Web 3.0 era, Arweave is the infrastructure that undertakes the important mission in terms of permanently storing the crystallization of human wisdom. With the increasing development of Web3, Arweave being an infrastructure will be applied by more developers to create a brand new and more diversified ecosystem.

Based on this background, PermaDAO is established by a community of some co-builders. All participants can find their roles here to contribute to the Arweave ecosystem. Any proposals and tasks about Arweave can be published here as well as the support and feedback from the whole community.

As the ongoing extensive migration from Web2 to Web3, we will find a position in this migration with the help of this community!

2、What kind of groups do we have?


Here is the bridge of PermaDao culture transmission, which is more about understanding than translating.

Welcome to join the translation group. If you have original articles concerning Arweave and PermaDAO, please feel free to submit them by contacting the management personnel!

Development 开发

Provide technical support to the PermaDao community. We will build whatever the community requires.

Joining the development team can make you learn about the development of Arweave ecology, get the task of Arweave development, and put forward your new ideas for development.

Operational Activities

You can give play to your creativity and execution and promote an atmosphere with vitality such as online activities and guest invitations here. Moreover, you can give play to your imagination and contribute to the Arweave ecology. Let's "move" together🏃‍♀️🏃!


Welcome to join the publicity group where you can promote the brand of PermaDao through various channels.

3、Our Motivation

Participants who contribute to PermaDAO will always benefit. PermaDAO will pay for the labor force with their respective achievements so that we can build and benefit together.

3.1 Cold Start Stage

At this stage, $AR is being used as a reward to encourage everyone to build our community. Given this, we have some standard incentive scheme links for reference below.

3.2 Value Liquidity Stage of PermaSwap

PermaSwap Network will be the first cross-chain DEX on Arweave, which will take over value exchange between Arweave's ecosystem and other ecosystems. After the value liquidity process of PermaSwap, $PSN will be used for incentives and governance in our PermaDao community.

4、How to join the community?

By entering DC below, you can fill out the application form on the first entry board.

Discord: https://discord.gg/wXvS54yJ

What if there has not been any DC yet?

You can be burdenless to click the link below and will be contacted by our community administrator ASAP after filling in the Tencent questionnaire.

Tencent questionnaire:https://wj.qq.com/s2/10948197/2cb2/